Get back to your roots with Leah Nobel’s “Earth & Sky”

Feel-good tunes are the theme on this dreary Tuesday, and I don’t think anyone will have a problem with that. This afternoon’s pick-me-up is Leah Nobel’s “Earth & Sky,” an uplifting and infectious pop tune about nature and the role it plays in our happiness. Complete with birds singing in the distance, “Earth & Sky” is an indie powerhouse complete with a bit of sound design, full-bodied bass hits, well-produced synths, and a relaxed beat that slows your mind down a little bit. Nobel’s vocals in the verse have that conversational speech quality that gained traction with indie artists a la The Front Bottoms, while the chorus and bridge feature tight harmonies that really fill out the mid section of “Earth & Sky’s” sonic profile. So take a deep breath, put your headphones on, and enjoy your surroundings to a soundtrack of Leah Nobel.


For her album, she [Nobel] interviewed 100 people and collected their stories to turn them into songs. One question was “when do you feel most alive?” to which the majority of people replied, “when I’m in nature”. This is the sentiment that led to the creation of Earth & Sky – a joyous, pop-tinged tribute to the wonder of nature and our place within it.


Leah Nobel is an award-winning singer/songwriter fusing pop and folk to create a timeless yet cutting-edge sound. She focuses on making music to communicate and connect with people of all ages and backgrounds. As a multi-dimensional artist, Leah also writes dark pop music under the alter ego Hael.

For her current project Running in Borrowed Shoes, she interviewed 100 people from diverse backgrounds and wrote songs based on stories and themes uncovered in her interviews. She carried around a homemade ‘Come Talk To Me’ sign and learned about people’s joys, struggles and life stories. Produced by 3 time Grammy winner Pete Stewart (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis), this project combines journalism, empathy, advocacy and music.

It was important for her to write about human themes that are underrepresented in art. There isn’t a single blatant romantic love song on the records, although there are many songs written about other types of love. Her hope is that this project can be a musical representation of shared humanity.


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