Philly D Slim “No Rhythm”, emotive and chilling

Self-proclaimed ‘urban folk’ artist “No Rhythm” by Philly D Slim is an interesting track.  It combines programmed drums and vocal harmony effects with an emotive vocal track and organic sounding piano part.  Wet with reverb that adds to the somber sound of “No Rhythm”.  Words used to describe this track could be chilling and it is definitely aimed at pulling your heart strings.  The album artwork is nothing to be overlooked either as it depicts Philly D Slim alone in the woods performing on the piano.  “No Rhythm” is a cool combination between modern and traditional that will have you humming along by the end.  A very cool use of prosody occurs towards the end when Philly D Slim says “I’ll drop out” and the music cuts out to let him sing alone.  Stream below and learn more about Philly D Slim.

“No Rhythm” is the second single from the upcoming Blacktop River EP by Chicago-based singer-songwriter Philly D Slim, due out 2/2/19. Philly D has been bringing his introspective lyrics and low-key sound to venues across the midwest since breaking out in Madison’s Project M in 2016. Now in Chicago, he has released two full-length DIY albums and recorded his first studio project, “Blacktop River”, with producer Dominic Gibbs in Nashville, TN in October 2018.

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