Lina Horner & Divers’ “Where to go?” is your #ThrowBackThursday

Starting right off with staccato organ chords and strong reverb-soaked guitar hits, Lina Horner & Divers’ album-opener “Where to go?” engages the listener with confidence, grit, and just the right amount of smooth. The track blends blues with a bit of heart-stricken 60s soul to create a sound that brings the past back into the present. Horner’s vocals are full of resentful reflection, with slick bass licks filling in the gaps during the verses. The bridge also features a nasty guitar solo that sounds like a blues lick that’s been given a shot of psychedelics. Vocal harmonies give the image of a full band on a lounge stage complete with backup singers, tying the whole package together to give you a slick and savory throwback for your Thursday afternoon.


Singer from Gothenburg, Sweden Lina Horner and her band Divers: Viktor Turegård-bass, Johan Jansson- drums, Erik Ivarsson- guitar, John Lönnmyr-keyboards. Written music since 2005 but now in a new vintage. New album out now: L I G H T S. Avaliable on all streaming services.


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