Embark on a morning inner journey with The Parachute Brigade’s “Wanderer”

The Parachute Brigade’s track “Wanderer” is an unexpectedly fitting song to hear as a new year begins. With a folksy and atmospheric variety of folk rock that conjures to mind the likes of Band of Horses, The Lumineers, and Of Monsters & Men, “Wanderer” is a tale of those who haven’t yet found their path. The bridge’s lyric, “Wanderer what are you doing here / another blind road, another year” will resonate at a deep level with listeners that are entering 2019 with more questions than answers. However, it’s within the warm male/female harmonies and melodies, the wonderful sonic build during the bridge, and the impassioned delicacy with which this track was crafted where any wanderers listening can draw inspiration and hope. So take a listen, recede into yourself for a few minutes, and see what sparks might go off when you come out the other side.


The Parachute Brigade is an Indie-Roots band from Beckley, WV. Their sound is a mixture of acoustic Americana and ambient Indie Alt Rock. Their vocal harmonies and driving instrumentation provide a unique sound and an emotional listening experience.

Beginning as a cover band in 2012, they made a name for themselves by doing random popular songs in their own folkish, harmony driven way. However, they decided to start writing their own music shortly after, and quickly realized they had something special.

They recorded a 5 song EP of original music in Nashville, TN over the summer of 2017, and are in the process of touring these songs as emerging artists.





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