Like his name, Coyote Mustache’s “Distance” is funky in all the right ways

Phillip Yancey, AKA Coyote Mustache, set out to break down barriers and bring genres together through his progressive ‘pop’ sound in his single, “Distance.”

The verdict? He absolutely nailed it.

Equal parts pop, soul, R&B, and indie singer/songwriter (plus maybe even some house elements sprinkled on top), Yancey has brought together a wide array of influences to create a dynamic, soulful, and captivating track that has something to offer listeners of all tastes. “Distance” starts off as indie-meets-R&B with reverberated guitars strumming alongside a swirling synth, while Yancey’s soulful and restrained lyrics flow like an R&B ballad. The chorus is full of catchy melodies and sweet organ tones, before the instrumental break explodes like the drop in a house track. Wild and spinning synth hits strike with great intensity, with bluesy guitar licks providing a juxtaposition in between hits. The second chorus is a sonic reward as the instrumental explodes behind Yancey’s charged vocal performance. In contrast to its title, “Distance” brings genres together with commanding presence and sensitivity that you really just need to hear for yourself.


Los Angeles based project Coyote Mustache is fronted by Phillip Yancey. Aiming to mix Rock N’ Roll with Soul, Psych, and Electronic influences, Coyote Mustache is a melting pot of genres that is bound to have something for everybody to listen to. “Dreamer EP” coming out August 24, 2018. GET INTO IT!!


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