New years resolution 2019, drink more water. “Jack Ain’t Had No Water” by Mike Munson

Bluesy as it goes “Jack Ain’t Had No Water” by Mike Munson   is a damn good song.  It is reflective in nature and carries a simple but good message.  DRINK MORE WATER.  Blues being one of the greatest styles of music is true to it being the sound of your surroundings is reflective in the artistry behind “Jack Ain’t Had No Water”.  Gritty as it is the sounds are also soothing in a mystical way that only the blues can really portray.  I really enjoyed this track and I hope you do to.  Thank you for an amazing first year even though we were only here for maybe not even a fifth of the time.


More about the artist:

Mike Munson makes his home in Winona, Minnesota, a town sandwiched between the Mississippi River and the bluffs, with train tracks cutting through its middle. Well known for playing outstanding slide guitar blues, the driving rhythms in his songs are reminiscent of the trains that barrel through his neighborhood. After hearing Mike play, Bentonia Blues legend Jimmy “Duck” Holmes knew he wanted Mike to record his next album for Blue Front Records.

Munson’s blues influences include Fred McDowell, Jack Owens, and Jesse Mae Hemphill – who all hailed from areas of rural Mississippi that Munson visits often. From sad and somber slow tunes to swampy, caterwauling stompers, his music is a master class in creative blues composition and performance, lyrically compelling, full of unique turns and twists, yet never losing sight of his art form and the music’s roots.

Following a debut studio recording in 2013 and “Live at Ed’s”, his acclaimed 2014 release, his upcoming album, “Rose Hill”, was recorded in Bentonia, MS at the Blue Front Cafe, the oldest juke joint in Mississippi and owned by Jimmy “Duck” Holmes (who appears on two album tracks). Mike has become a fan favorite of multiple NPR stations across the country, is scheduled to perform on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation radio and is performing at major Blues, folk and roots music festivals across the United States and Canada.

If you really dig it you should also check out his more somber piece “Sinner” this track is an emotional tale that pulls on the listeners heart strings and plays to our humanity by allowing us to see a darker side of the songwriter Mike Munson.

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