Only’s single, “Mary”, is the only song you need for the rest of the night

One of L.A.’s newer indie rock groups, known simply as Only, has decided to sneak in one last single before 2018 burns out. Reminiscent of the lighter side of Tigers Jaw, or perhaps Turnover with less reverb, “Mary” is a gentle and pensive indie rock album for driving alone with sunset. Telling what I believe to be a tale of short-lived young love, Zuretti’s vocals have just a slight touch of grunge that brings the listener back to the rock ballads of the late 90s. The rhythms are simple put fitting for the occasion, and the call-and-response that occurs between the lead guitar really helps sink the melodies into your memory. It takes a certain finesse to make a simple song that makes people hit repeat, and on this occasion Only have knocked it out of the park.


Los Angeles based Only came together in 2017 as frontman and guitarist Steve Zuretti, drummer Jerrod Bettis, and bassist Kei Yasui. With music primarily written by frontman Steve Zuretti, Only’s songs represent both a self-examination, and a reaction – to the experience of existing in an increasingly anxious world. Inspired by artists as wide ranging as The War On Drugs and Ryan Adams to Tigers Jaw and Turnover, Only crafts a sound that straddles the bounds of Indie and Alternative. The band released their debut EP “Talk” on June 8th 2018, and “What Have We Done? (Simple Math)” was released on September 14th 2018.


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