Bellhouse, “Coping”

Sweden has yet again brought us our December morning helping of dark female alt pop, but this time it’s coming from punker-turned-pop-artist Bellhouse and her new single, “Coping.” The piano melody featured throughout is reminiscent of Coldplay’s “Clocks,” the beats have a hip-hop feel to them while being dark arnd brooding, and the production in general just feels like a wave of melancholy and sorrow washing over you. The lyrics about coping with hardship and loss are delivered with a certain fragile emotion that exudes confidence and honesty. Overall, this music just feels like a cold winter morning when you’ve woken up before the sun is out.


Bellhouse is not your typical pop star. She is a trained truck driver who would have chosen a career in criminology if it weren’t for her music. After performing in a punk band as an early teen, Bellhouse later turned to pop and has not looked back since. Her previous singles White Dress Black Dress, Mess and Like You Loved Us have received acclaim from the likes of Clash Magazine, Earmilk and Substream Magazine, as well as featuring on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlists in Germany, Switzerland and The Nordics.


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