Meseroles and “The English Dream” for Thursday afternoon

If this song were any more English, it’d have been written by The Beatles. Based primarily on the current state of affairs in the U.K., Meseroles’ 2nd single “The English Dream” was written by a gent who pursued the American Dream, decided it was dead and gone, and then moved back to the U.K. just in time for Brexit. Sounds like a Shakespearean comedy if you ask me. That all being said, this is a genuinely good song. The vocals remind me of Green Day (that verse is eerily similar to “Give Me Novocaine”), the guitars are vibrant and resonant, the drums are well-mixed, and the melodic hooks are indeed catchy. It has that classic English sound that makes this song for the modern masses sound like it could’ve come out 40 years ago.


Born in Brooklyn, then raised in Brixton, Meseroles was started by Jimmy Eaton in 2016 out of the former Brooklyn Brewery on the edge of Williamsburg. After the fall of the American dream, Jimmy relocated to his native London, calling on friends Daniel Fell (The Teamsters, Bon Vivants), Nick Frater (Great Sheiks, Do Me Bad Things, Love), and Ben Handysides. The four-piece entered an old listed building during the long hot summer of 2018 and shut away, turning their tales of late night, lonely, wild New York City into an unashamedly loud and heartfelt record.


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