Commercial reggae sounds from SANANDREAS “Take A Ride” speak to good times by the beach with friends on a lazy Saturday afternoon with a Carona or Modelo.  The chorus is infectious and repeated consistently as a result.  “Take A Ride” is a super chill new track from label Fresh Goods Publishing who have provided the streaming link and information about the artist below.

Born and Raised in the Bay Area of CA surrounded by random instruments and make shift garage studios, started touring as a photographer and videographer in the alternative music scene. “I like to make music by myself or with my friends, I put the music in the videos I make for myself or for my friends!” F.G

SANANDREAS is a Musician and a Traveling Photographer and through his journeys he brings you another tale,

“Take A Ride” is an easy listening Alternative Reggae song with a modern twist, it brings you the feeling of Margaritas with the company of your dearest lover. Produced by older brother Rome Ramirez “Take A Ride” fuses genres with a smooth motion full experience.

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