Night Lights, “Talk To Me (Stripped)”, a pensive re-imagination

Indie pop rockers Night Lights have taken their high-energy, radio-ready dance track “Talk To Me” and created something entirely new. Driving electric guitars have been traded for acoustic chords; the drums have been stripped back to the bare essentials; energetic background vocals are now warm “oohs”; and tasteful atmospheric synths wrap everything in a warm glow. The result is a song reborn, with the music matching the lyrical melancholy. To me, this song is all about missed connections- the friends we fall away from as we move to new places, the relationships that never were but about which we’ll always wonder, and the everlasting fragility of human bonds in this vast world we set out to traverse. This re-imagination of “Talk To Me” captures that sentiment perfectly, and creates the perfect soundtrack for mid-morning daydreaming.


Night Lights are a Los Angeles based indie pop/rock trio with members hailing from Mexico, Japan and Norway. With their eclectic fusion of indie pop melodies, soul infused vocals and energetic rock’n’roll, the band have crafted a unique, dance-inducing sound, which is propelling them to the forefront of the Los Angeles music scene.


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