Rainee Blake wants you to cut the “Chit Chat” and get up and groove!

For all who have read our Tuesday morning post, it’s now time to pull a total 180. Following her successful run on the hit TV show “Nashville,” country vocalist Rainee Blake hit the studio to release her debut EP featuring the track “Chit Chat.” Featuring a hoppin’ rhythm section and some killer solos, this track is pure funk. With the simple message to shut up and dance, Rainee’s confident and playful vocals are on display as she steps away from the country scene to deliver a project that beckons 70s Motown. So enough with the talk- you’d best get to dancin’!


Rainee Blake is best known for her portrayal of Alannah on CMT’s hit TV show ‘Nashville’. As a part of her time on the show Rainee recorded fifteen songs under the Lionsgate Music label, mostly country and folk songs including her co-written song, ‘Treading Water’.

Since wrapping on the show, Rainee has recorded her debut EP ‘Fool for Love’ in Nashville, Tennessee. Two singles have already been released: Fool for Love (along with a vintage inspired music video) and Kool Kids. The new music steps away from Rainee’s country roots reminding listeners of the great girl groups from the Motown era. Think Amy Winehouse meets Roberta Flack: with a gutsy, modern lyrical sensibility.




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