Albert Kass “Hurricane”

“Hey I got kids mans, watch what you say,” starts off this tender and soft piece of music from L.A. native Albert Kass.  The chorus is a major selling point as the infectious peak of emotion as Albert sings “not going to happen again” and the piece retracts to a more somber pace again.  “Hurricane” is a song for reflection and peaceful nostalgia at days gone by.  Although the song itself has darker tones to innocence disappearing the timbre overall is very relaxing.  Stream “Hurricane” below and learn about Albert Kass.

Albert Kass, LA-native reveals an intimate and stripped-down element to his soul-bearing music. In the vein of Neil Young meets Real Estate, Kass is closing out 2018 with new single “Hurricane” from his forthcoming album, Young Old Man.

“Hurricane” wraps you in a blanket of nostalgia with acoustic guitar, despairing vocals, and a vintage sound. “Hurricane” is minimal in production but abundant in emotion, heart, and feeling. Kass’s voice stands out in this track, capturing you with its sincere folk sound.

Kass explains, “To be honest, I like people to decide what a song means to them, not for me to prescribe it. That said, for me, Hurricane was my coming of age -you know, that feeling of loss, of coming to terms with the harsh realization that life isn’t handed to you.”

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