Kalle Mattson “Twice the Gifts” a moment to reflect before the holidays.

A soft and tender song about deeper issues that may go unresolved within humanity.  “Twice the Gifts (Half the Love)” is a song that instantly to me demonstrates the demonic devaluation of empathy and humanity and replaces with monetary value.  It is sad and subtle and grabs the listener for a moment of reflection.  Something arrangement and production wise I really enjoy about this is the use of multiple vocal layers to create a sense of how this message is able to carry over from person to person differently but also how it is a tune we can all sing along too from time to time.  Check out the track below as well as find out more about the artist and go visit his website to check out the full length Youth.  Kalle Mattson has a length discography available for streaming online that is worth your time if you find “Twice the Gifts (Half the Love)” to be your pace.


My parents got divorced something like the day after I was born (a little insight into how I am the way I am), so my only memories of Christmas & the holidays are divorced ones. Spending half the day at one house then driving to the next. Two dinners, double the families, & yes twice the gifts. I did some research & I couldn’t believe there weren’t any divorced Christmas songs (or any that I could find), so hopefully I’ve filled the gap for all us children of divorce. PS. I did receive plenty of love as a child, the title just made me laugh is all.


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