Jack Binkerd “Where It Goes” is a combination of old and new that will resonate with most listeners.

With hot guitar licks and a soothing romantic vocal performance.  Jack Binkerd gravitates to a style that could be described as psychedelic guitar pop.  It has melodic sensibilities like a forgotten style of music that existed with acts like Earth Wind and Fire or even The Beatles.  There is something so familiar and infectious about this track.  The odd harmony on the choruses allows a sense of wanderlust to overtake the listener and come back down with the defined rhythms of the verses.  Jack Binkerd has recieved some success on streaming services already and has a seven song catalog online that is definitely worth a listen.  Find out more about Jack Binkerd and stream “Where It Goes” below!

“Three words come to mind when thinking of Jack and his music: imaginative, tasteful, and eager. While stylistically selective, he actively appreciates all ways in which music is made. His purposeful themes compounded with technical and melodic skill create something totally, sonically, awesomely fresh. Think Jeff Buckley as a reference for vocal and lyrical style. Add a dash of Jerry Reed, a little D’Angelo, and a hint of Dimebag Darrell, and you’ve somehow got yourself an Alabama boy named Jack Binkerd.”

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