Davis McGee “Between Highs”,

No it isn’t from Brushfire Records but it reminds us of that sound.  With programmed drums and sounding like a Sunday morning bong rip before heading out on a hike or surfing we got Davis McGee “Between Highs” for the car ride.  It is so very chill and the album art reflects the combination of both programmed and organic sound recordings.  The bass is thick enough to make your body vibrate and the vocal timbre is smooth enough you can get lost in it.  Stream it and learn more about Davis McGee below as well as some production credits.

Davis McGee’s new single, Between Highs, is a fresh, electronic departure from his early singer-songwriter days. His signature chill style is notably still present but the beat kicks his velvety vocals into a fluid yet playful electronic direction. Davis reflects on the highs of late nights and limousines, with the sobering low of red eyes and loneliness; the grey area of reflection and “taking another turn around this star.” Simmering and laid back, the single is thought-provoking, and the electronic flair keeps it just edgy enough. Think Healey meets Jack Johnson.

For fans of: Healey, Matt Kearney, Ben Harper, Jack Johnson

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