Pin Ups, “You Make Me Feel So Sick,”- who says the punk trio is dead???

London-based rock trio Pin ups are classic-meets-modern with their latest tune, “You Make Me Feel So Sick.” From the first guitar note to the screaming hot finish, this track punches above its weight class and shows what rock trios are still capable of. The falsetto-sung “oohs” and blues-inspired chord progressions are reminiscent of surf rockers The Beach Boys, while fuzzy guitar tones and haltingly punchy vocals have clear ties to the days of the British punk invasion. The drums are explosive, the bass is tight, and all-in-all this song is just plain fun. Retro handheld TVs utilized in the music video add to the retro feel of “You Make Me Feel So Sick” while putting a refreshing spin on what otherwise is just a band playing in a room. With mature production and a firm grasp of their creative intent, Pin Ups is a trio to keep your eye on in the UK punk scene.


Taking the typically offbeat nature of 70s art-rock and 80s post-punk, and combining it with a deliciously contemporary indie-pop twist, London-based trio Pin Ups manage to not only bridge the gap between two seemingly disparate aesthetics, but succeeded in combining them, creating something fun, fresh, fast and ultimately, their own.

Since forming as a five piece in Falmouth a couple of years ago under the name Pastel Colours, a change in both location and in personnel saw the band streamline down to a trio while adopting their current guise and moving back to singer/guitarist Josh Gibbs hometown of London.

It was here that Pin Ups’ honed their sound in to the upbeat and anarchic brand of post-pop that they peddle today. Merging together effervescent indie-pop with the skittering and spiky guitar hooks of traditional post-punk, the trio have carved a niche of their own creating and are all the better for it.

Perhaps best exemplified in forthcoming single ‘You Make Me Feel So Sick’, Pin Ups sound is both uncompromising and irresistible. Produced by Rory Atwell (The Vaccines, Palma Violets, Childhood) its energy and exuberance evident in the frenetic guitars and matched vocal delivery that carry the track through its three-and-a-half minutes, while earmarking Pin Ups as not only one of the freshest and most exciting bands doing the rounds at present, but perhaps one of the most idiosyncratic as well. Expect to see much more of them soon.


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