Get up and dance with Friends at the Falls and “Stay All Night”

Your uplifting day-before-Friday anthem for this week is brought to you buy NY-based rocker boys Friends at the Falls. Their July single, “Stay All Night,” takes the feel-good aspects of genres new and old to provide a genuinely uplifting dance track that will fill you with nostalgia, motivation, and all those good bits in between. Swirling synths capture that dizzying whimsy of 80s dance tracks from the likes of Springsteen, shouts and gang vocals take a page from contemporary dance acts like Walk the Moon, and the lushly layered bridge and final chorus are reminiscent of alternative rockers The Killers and Snow Patrol. Couple this all together with lyrics that speak of dreaming big while always moving forward, and you’ve got yourself a feel-good anthem that can’t miss. The accompanying music video features the band’s childhood home videos, stirring within the viewer memories of that wide-eyed kid we all once were, for whom no star was out of reach. To borrow from the video’s final frame, “Growin’ up ain’t easy- be the posters on your wall.”


Birthed in Mahopac, New York, Friends At The Falls is composed of Jake Stam on vocals and guitar, Matt Montgomery on drums, Don Senese on the keys, Daen Walsh on bass, and Nick Gennusa on lead guitar. Together, these five individuals makeup more than just a band, they are five creative minds and five talented souls that come together to make one cohesive sound. A sound that is unique due to all of the memories these contemporaries share.


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