Colton Venner’s “The Cold Side”, like the other side of the pillow

Dallas-based Colton Venner is here to serve up an Americana breakfast for your ears on this Tuesday morning in the form of his latest single, “The Cold Side.” Written about the age-old tale of a relationship turning sour, this song delivers familiar subject matter in a mature and developed folk sound who’s simplicity and sincerity somehow feels like home. A confident fiddle solo delivers energy right out of the gate backed by acoustic guitar, bass, and piano. Venner’s vocals have that country warmth and fullness you want in a folk ballad, managing to carry the energy even when the instrumentation is stripped back. Female vocals add sweet harmonies to turn this ballad into a duet from the second verse onwards. Finally, the bridge is a full-bodied musical treat that brings this song to its emotional peak with strings and twangy lead guitar to round out that Americana palette. While heavy reverb, flanger, fuzz, and all sorts of other effects may be dominating modern music, its refreshing when an artist is able to strip it all away and prove that soul and feeling can fill a sonic space better than a pedal-board.


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