Lanikai’s “Windfall” is vintage indie done right.

Fronted by ex-Imaginary Cities singer Marti Sarbit, Winnipeg-based Lanikai is mixing bright indie pop with 60s soul in “Windfall.” The track opens with a grooving bass line straight out of soul or disco, and a lush string section playing a melody that sounds like it came out of a Roger Moore Bond film. Sarbit’s distinctive vocals are stacked with well-tuned harmonies that never feel out of place as they deliver catchy melodies full of relatably twisted lyrics about losing your identity to those who wish to keep you down. The official music video, full of glittery makeup and vibrant flashing lights, is something straight out of the disco era and fits seamlessly into the songs throwback style and subject matter. Just at home in the 60s soul era as it is in modern day pop, let “Windfall” be your nostalgic indie anthem for Tuesday afternoon.


“Windfall is about self-protection. We can find ourselves in situations where it feels like our bodies and/or minds don’t belong to ourselves; where someone else has the control. I wrote this song when I was trying to hold on to the last bit of myself in a fight, I felt I was losing. This song reminds me not to give myself to anyone who will use my insecurities against me. To trust myself and to be proud of who I am. It was written at a time when those possibilities seemed out of reach.”


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