Oli McCracken “Day by Day”

A slow blues lament to days gone by and feeling the emotional highs and lows of trying to find your way.  “Day by Day” by Oli McCracken is a track that sure to strike a chord for anyone who has a soft spot for southern rock.  Oli McCrackens songs belong shouted on top of the Rocky Mountains after a successful hike but also belong in a dive bar in the middle of winter, if that makes sense?  The downtrodden lyrical content that also has a layer of seduction mixed with the church organ gives “Day by Day” a cool atmosphere that makes this listener think of self reflection and time spent in the New England jam band scene where I’m sure Oli McCracken would shine.  Prior to “Day by Day” Oli McCracken has two other releases available on streaming services so check those out too!

The bass fill at 3:00 is epic.


“Day by Day” is the newest release by Oli McCracken. This is the first single off of his upcoming full length record A Few More Hours, which is set for release late January 2018. This is Oli’s sophomore release, and the first release since signing with Third & James Records.

Born in the UK, raised in Australia, Chicago, and Houston, Oli McCracken, now based out of Denver, Colorado, is a singer/songwriter with a truly unique perspective and a wide range of influences. With the release of his debut EP From Scratch Oli quickly captured the attention of Denver’s thriving music scene and earned a permanent place on the playlists of fans worldwide. His lyrics are meaningful, full of pictures and stories that capture the listener in a very special way. His soulful sound is grown out of influences as wide ranging as Van Morrison, John Mayer, Amos Lee and BB King.

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