Fí “Feel Better”, you’ve got this

Uplifting instrumentals combined with dark and self loathing lyrics about the party scene is a swift overview of the new some from Fí, “Feel Better”.  Writing this from Las Vegas seems like I see the person Fí is singing about everyday.  You’ll be singing “Feel Better” at the top of your lungs in your head with your headphones on.  Walking down the street people will occasionally make confused eye contact with you as you jam out to another success story.  You are awesome, you have got this.  The instrumentation is mostly synthesizer based recordings and the arrangement is a classic 3:30 minute pop arrangement.  Her music will make you feel things similar to the newest season of BoJack Horseman, if you are unfamiliar it is the story of a tragically addicted superstar actor.


Fí is an electro-pop artist/singer-songwriter from the musical town of Mullingar and based in Dublin. She released her first single, ‘Éalú’ last year and since the release has been collaborating, writing and working with different producers in London and Dublin and LA this Summer.

Since the single release, Fí has been honing her sound by collaborating with different producers. She has been working with producers like Chris Edwards (Little Hours) and Jack Power, Elliot Jacobson, and producers in LA like Kyrsta Youngs and Julia Ross (Chainsmokers, Miley Cyrus) .

Fí was chosen to work with Carla Marie Williams (Beyoncé, Girls Aloud, Britney) at her Girls irate songwriting camp in May in association with IMRO in Camden studios.


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