NORM’s “Novocaine” is that familiar feel you want from your Saturday jams.

I don’t know what’s in the water over there, but Pittsburgh has yet again produced another act that’s serving up some tasty tunes for Hot Lunch readers. Their new single “Novocaine” is the quintessential garage-rock tune that just feels like home. The verses are simple- just a catchy bass line, a simple kit laying down the beat, and some flanger-y guitar strums that are swapped out for chugging power chords. The second chorus is where the angst hits peak levels. Screaming vocals are accompanied by falsetto “ooh’s” to take lighten things up a bit, while distorted power chords deliver a familiar but always-welcome sound and the drums get your pulse beating with a purpose. A double-time outro complete with a fiery guitar solo turns the intensity up to ten to make sure that you’re awake before it’s all over. Whether you blast it in the car, in your basement, or just on your phone, make sure you get your shot of novocaine STAT!


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