The Racer wants you to carry on with their new single, “Paris”- even if it just means getting out of bed.

Inspired by the horrific events that occured at the Bataclan Theatre in Paris in 2015, NYC-based The Racer’s latest release is a song about tragedy, trauma, anxiety, and how to make it through. The message is timeless, and can be applied to experiences that range from surviving an atrocity like the Bataclan, to something as simple as getting out of bed when you’ve nearly given up. The song’s first half is a somber and spacious ballad. A reflective piano plays beneath somber ambient tones, accompanied by drums and vocals that sound so distant yet still impactful. A brief bridge allows the sound to nearly fade away before the second act erupts in an uplifting post-rock anthem reminiscent of Caspian or God Is An Astronaut. “Paris’s” accompanying music video is well-shot and wonderfully simplistic, featuring nothing more than a woman willing herself to get out of bed- a universal interpretation of the song’s themes of struggle and perseverance that will resonate with listeners everywhere.


The Racer, an independent band from Monroe, NY consisting of Pete Marotta (vocals, keys), Mike Esserman (guitar, keys), Steve Kondracki (guitar, keys), Eric Sosler (bass, keys), and Mike Perri (drums, percussion), has been undergoing a transformation from rock to alternative to indie and experimental over their last 3 releases. The traditionally album-focused band has shifted gears of late, and expects to continuously release a slew of self-produced singles directly to fans for the foreseeable future.


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