Wake up like it’s 1995 with The Fame’s “Wide Awake”

Produced by Brian Moncarz (Our Lady Peace, Moneen, Circa Survive), “Wide Awake” is Toronto-based The Fame’s debut single that’s bringing the 90’s back into modern alternative. A lightly-distorted guitar arpeggio leads into the first verse, where grungy vocals and a driving back-beat drum rhythm make the listener want to get up move to the beat. The chorus is a distorted power chord heaven complete with tight drum fills and sustained vocal lines that will have any audience jumping, and the bridge features stacked fuzzy vocals and a slick guitar solo that take the listener back to the days of Nirvana and The White Stripes. All in all, “Wide Awake” is a high-quality and cohesive post-grunge anthem that’s bringing the sounds of 20 years ago into the modern age.


Combing a brilliant blend of Beatlesque melodies with the blood, sweat, and tears passion of 90’s alternative rock, The Fame are breathing new life into modern day Rock ‘N Roll. Their high energy, riff driven sound is one of the most unique and identifiable in rock music today. The four piece band from Toronto, Canada displays a powerful performance full of energy at every one of their live shows. The band continues to tour, release new music, and grow in the music world.




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