*OUT TODAY* Tanners’ “Venus” is your mid-Tuesday espresso shot.

Tennessee-born, New York-based songstress Tanners is back to fuel your Hump-Day-Eve energy with her latest single, “Venus.” The NYU alum’s distinctive elctro-pop sound is just at home in the 80s at is it in 2018, comprised of a thumping bass line, swirling atmospheric synthesizers, and dreamy pop vocals reminiscent of Halsey that are delivering catchy melodies and poignant lyrics. The verse begins with an underlying rhythmic bass and off-beat cymbal hits, leading us to believe this might just be another in-the-pocket pop anthem. Then we’re hit by aggressive, brooding synths and a fuzzy guitar lick in the pre-chorus that sets us up for the full-bodied chorus, complete with live drums and an infectious vocal melody. A dissonant bass line in the bridge builds the tension before the listener is eased into the lush and dreamy final chorus, providing an ethereal and uplifting ear-worm for you to hum all the way home.


The Tennessee-turned-New Yorker studied Music Technology at NYU and draws from the psychedelic, otherworldly sounds and big pop hooks to create her own blend of electro-pop, sitting somewhere between Tove Lo and Tame Impala. The stunning artist stole our hearts with her debut EP, TANNERS, which featured notable tracks “Empress in Reverse” and “This Crazy.” Tanners now gifts us with her new single “Venus,” a pop-tinged, retro banger.

Tanners brings her daring and distinct sound to life in “Venus.” The undeniable talent continues to set herself apart from the world of electronic music with her retro sound, stellar vocals, and poignant lyrics. “Venus” is mesmerizing as it weaves its way into your heart and soul – making it a track you can’t forget.

The single is a recollection of a recent trip to South East Asia and Tanners explains, “At night the sky was jet black, but the moon and stars were so bright that you didn’t even need a light. With some practice, I got pretty good at identifying stars and planets and it kind of became my party trick. Venus was the earliest to rise and was also the brightest point in the sky, so it became my reference point throughout my trip.”




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