*OUT TODAY* Baby FuzZ, “I’m Still Holding Out for You” is Authentic and Touching

From the first 10 seconds of his new track “I’m Still Holding Out for You,” Baby FuzZ completely scrambles your stylistic expectations. Opening with a simple, melancholic piano chord progression, the first verse is preluded by a guitar & drum hit that leads you to believe this is about to be classic heartbreak blues. When the second beat immediately recedes to the intro’s simplicity, you realize that this may be a ballad. Simple guitar licks accompany the Montreal singer’s sweet, heartbroken vocals as he tells the story of a man who will be waiting as long as it takes for his love to return. The first chorus grows in intensity- large drum hits and ganged up falsetto vocals give off more of an indie rock vibe. The second verse keeps the energy up a level from the first, and the explosive sound of the first chorus returns for the second before exploding into the break. High rasping vocals; aggressive, pounding drums; and full-bodied guitar, bass, and synths provide a cinematic climax. The outro gives us one more reflective dose of somber and fragile piano chords before our heartfelt and emotional journey is done. This song is a cinematic and nostalgic story everyone likes to hear now and again, so why wait? Let Baby FuzZ carry you away for the rest of the day.


Baby FuzZ brings his glittery, dynamic sound to new heights in his new single “I’m Still Holding Out For You.” With a voice that defies genres and transcends time, Baby FuzZ grabs your attention with honeyed vocals in this anthemic ballad.

Intensely vulnerable and anthemic, Baby FuzZ breaks down all his walls in this raw, emotional track. You can feel the despair in his undying love as he cries, “You can take my love away, but my heart will still be beating for you. I’ll hold it down for you.” It tugs at your heart strings, it hits you at your core, and it worms its way into your heart. “I’m Still Holding Out For You” puts it so simply but so beautifully.





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