Betty Moon “Waste Your Time”

Boasting strong social numbers and stronger songwriting is Betty Moon “Waste Your Time”.  The vocal timbre is interesting and slightly new while remaining familiar.  The instrumental is an 808 pop production with a small amount of auto tune used on the vocal performance.  What was interesting to me about “Waste Your Time” was the rhythmic patterns the song was performed in.  A groovy song but not something I’d totally expect to hear in a club because of how it is left of center in some production ways only makes the writing more intriguing.  “Waste Your Time” is off of Betty Moons 8th studio album.  Betty Moon might be for fans of Nvdes, Pompom, or other independent electronic artists.

Betty Has dreamt up a new collection of songs ready for release in 2017. The second single from Betty Moon’s forthcoming album is “Life Is But A Dream”. The new collection of songs from the Toronto-born and Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter sees Moon diving into influences from electronic music, dance, pop and future house.

Moon will be releasing a series of singles from the album paired with music videos that take the viewer down the rabbit hole of her larger-than-life style, lyrics and sound.Put together as a concept album, Moon spent the last year carefully crafting songs that capture the story of her new life in Hollywood after relocation from Toronto. Moon is known for her fearless approach to creativity and an ability to stay ahead of musical trends. Moon’s previous single “No Good” debuted in the Top 10 on College radio and she recently performed at the world famous Trouabadour and Roxy Theatre.

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