The Lighthouse wants you to “Catch Fire” with them this weekend

Belgium-based indie outfit The Lighthouse is bringing this week’s Saturday afternoon jam in the form of their new single, “Catch Fire.” Dripping with similarities to indie powerhouses the likes of The 1975, “Catch Fire” opens with swinging upbeat drums & bass, a grooving palm-muted guitar, reverberated chords, and a catchy lead lick. Polyphonic vocals deliver clean harmonies through the verse until the chorus erupts as an instant classic indie-pop anthem. Complete with driving, brooding synths and sing-along-ready gang vocals to round out the band’s palette, this new tune is sure to be stuck in your head for the rest of the weekend and get you feeling groovy ahead of your Saturday night.


Songs that feel like Fridays- that’s The Lighthouse’s trademark. Their melodic cocktail of polyphonic vocals, guitars, keys and swinging drums make up for your daily dose of instant happiness!

Their recipe has been proven successful with a long list of highlights. With over 100 shows that brought them as far as the infamous Sziget Festival in Budapest and to a lot of renowned local stages and festivals. With the band being together for only just over three years, future is looking bright for The Lighthouse.


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