The Matchstick Skeletons’ “Told Ya So (LIVE)” is your roundhouse kick to the face that’ll wake you up this morning.

Now that you’re all probably in a week-long coma following Thanksgiving dinner, Canadian-bred rock group The Matchstick Skeletons is here to reenergize you with a live performance of their gut-punching, heavy-hitting swagger rock song “Told Ya So.” Frontman Neu Mannas’ crunchy guitar lick pulls you in straight from the get-go, backed by a nasty lead guitar tone, confident and punchy drumming, and a mean bass line that keeps everyone in the pocket. The final 90 minutes of the song are a rewarding, hair-raising frenetic chromatic build-up that will amp you up before spitting you out the other side, ending with a return to the original verse. This track is full of southern rock and blues influences, and if it weren’t for the accompanying live video, I’d have never known that this wasn’t the album version. So do yourself a favor and let The Matchstick Skeletons light up your Saturday. God knows you could use it.


The Matchstick Skeletons came out of the grave swinging. Formed by singer/multi instrumentalist Neu Mannas and drummer Matty Carolei, this was a project years in the making.

Midway through a decade of being on the road. Neu & Matty starting playing together in Head of the Herd. After some chart topping, radio music award winning, touring, & record making in England, Wales, the Southern U.S. of A, and throughout their home and native land of Canada, they decided to lock themselves in a tiny dark room and become the band they always wanted to be…

The Matchstick Skeletons… A James Brown/Lemmy love child nobody asked for.

The band’s debut single “Told Ya So” comes out on August 13th. Inspired by old funk records, Neu’s work as a film composer, and the terrifying sound design from the movie ‘Dunkirk,’ this song kicks the door down to say “We’re here now.” With the single comes a music video with a Tarantino/B Horror vibe that reinforces the question, where did these guys come from? And what took them so long to get here?


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