Big Fat Meanies’ “Re: Fishin’ (For Compliments)” is kicking off your Saturday right!

Pennsylvania Ska rockers Big Fat Meanies are comin’ your way on this Saturday morning with a refreshing new take on their 2017 song “Fishin’ (For Compliments)”. Originally a driving punk-ska banger of a tune, this re-imagination has me scrambling to put it in category. Is it ska? Is it folk? Is it lounge music? Is it straight punk at heart? Well, the answer to all of these questions is technically yes at one point or another. The introductory trumpet and oboe played above a relaxed kit and jazzy guitar chords will make you think you’re having breakfast in a French jazz cafe before the pre-chorus and chorus remind you that what you’re listening to is rocking ska above all, complete with driving rhythms and flawless vocal harmonies. So do yourself a favor and start your Saturday off with this ska metamorphosis. Then go and listen to the full-version, because that thing is a straight banger.


Big Fat Meanies is a 9-piece musical collective from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Drawing influences from progressive rock, ska, metal and punk, the band creates a unique blend of genres that has been described as “off the wall” and “refreshingly different”.

Big Fat Meanies has become a well-known name in their home city of Lancaster. They have opened for national touring acts such as Roxy Roca and Thank You Scientist, and have headlined local venues The Chameleon Club and Tellus360 multiple times.

Big Fat Meanies released their debut album “The Time Has Come…” on December 15, 2017.


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