The Nursery “She Speaks The Wave”

OUT TODAY 11/16/2018:

Pulsing synth bass and effected cool vocals are the first thing you hear after a dark and lamenting piano instrumental intro that fades into strings into the main groove.  Drawing heavy influence from 80’s New Wave “She Speaks in the Wave” is cool in the same way Stranger Things is cool.  Lyrically the song reminds me an ethereal romance that is presented with a performance that to me is a mixture of The Growlers indie rock raspy tones and Dead Or Alives 80’s dramatic tones.  Maybe the Strokes were a little early with their record 80’s Comedown Machine because they’re back if this band and West Hollywood has anything to say about it.


Hailing from Toronto, Canada, the Nursery managed to combine youth’s darker themes of death, sex, anxiety and fear with ethereal and technicolored alt-rock music. The three-piece met at a recording session in a converted monastery in Buffalo, New York. Lead singer and songwriter Alex Pulec and synth player Victor Ess were born in Toronto and met through the city’s punk scene while drummer Josh English was a Buffalo native.

Influenced by a wide range of styles, from New Order and The Cure’s gothic new wave to rock maximalists like Electric Light Orchestra and Queen, they effortlessly apply their pop-influenced hooks and melodies to the lush and driving backdrops they create. The Nursery exists where darkness and light intersect.

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