Neovaii, “Chase Pop”, Your Saturday Energy Shot

The second track off his third album, “Horizon,” Neovaii’s “Chase Pop” is your carbo load to get you going on this Saturday afternoon. Equally at home in a gaming music playlist as it is playing on the dance floor or in the gym, this well-crafted song is guaranteed to get you pumped up for your Saturday night. Articulate light synth hits combined with finger snaps and a smooth vocal line ease you in to “Chase Pop”. Cue a growing bass beat and more intense vocal melodies, and we’ve hit the drop. Aggressive synth hits and commanding vocals get your pulse going and leave you wanting to throw down right where you are. The vocal cuts and manipulation during the song’s final chorus are the stand-out feature of this tune, putting Neovaii’s talent and experience on full display. Everything is masterfully pieced together to create the rhythmic and melodic effect you want from this style of vocal without jarring the listener or removing them from the moment.


Neovaii is an electronic musician hailing from the USA. Finding his passion for music at a very young age, Neovaii has previously worked in genres spanning from Alternative Rock to Pop, until finding his calling in Electronic music. From there, his work with various electronic groups, ranging from Dubstep to Trap, has been featured on Billboard Heatseekers charts, Next Big Sound charts, and others.


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