JUNG, “Hold on, We’re Going Home”, Good Morning!

If you have a passion for sync like I do, then you know that cover songs have been all the rage for the past few years. Thus, I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a shout-out to JUNG’s re-imagination of Drake’s “Hold On We’re Going Home.” The tune begins with simple piano chords played under a soulful voice that’ll remind you of X Ambassadors and Sam Smith. Paired with Drake’s distinctly hip-hop lyrical rhythms, the vocal creates an aura that is as full of motion as it is emotion. The addition of a 2nd vocalist in the 2nd verse turns this solo ballad into a duet, and by the final chorus the listener is overtaken by strong piano, acoustic guitar, and reverberating hip-hop beats that bring the production to its fullest peak. The impassioned vocal performances combined with the  lush soundscape create a warmth that blankets the listener in a sort of uplifting and reassuring way , keeping us warm as November grows colder.


Swedish brothers Henrik and Tom Ljungqvist have been working with music throughout their whole life, although this will be the first time they really join forces and team up in a two-man setting. Henrik has had great success with his other music project, Join The Riot, and where Tom at the same time had established himself at the top of the Swedish humor scene with a staggering following on his Instagram, podcasts, YouTube channel and much more.

With influences such as Fleetwood Mac, Matt Corby and Coldplay, JUNG tune into something that could be mistaken for a 2018’s edition of Bon Iver when showcasing their ballads or for Maroon 5 when showcasing their up tempo songs. Bringing the organic sound back, the falsetto of Tom and the melodies of Henrik, JUNG is definitely one of the most exiting acts coming out from Sweden this year.


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