Mike Edel, “Challenger”

More than 30 years after the Challenger shuttle broke apart on launch, Canadian indie-rocker Mike Edel brings us his latest single, “Challenger.” Produced by Chris Walla (Death Cab For Cutie) and accompanied by a music video comprised of news footage from that fateful day, “Challenger” takes us back to when our country gathered together to question what we were striving toward and whether space exploration was worth such loss. Full-bodied synthesizers and lush guitar strums surround the listener as Edel asks questions that haunt us all in times of loss and sacrifice: how do we take this? Are we moving forward? Should we have tried this at all? How do we stay inspired when are idols fall in front of us? But Edel also offers us hope. Whenever we feel like our failures warrant surrender, we have the choice to move forward- and I think that’s exactly what Edel wants us to do.


In a season of both personal and social thresholds and change, Edel has delivered an optimistic indie-pop anthem for 2018’s dwindling days of summer and beyond. Edel began working with producer Chris Walla (Death Cab For Cutie) after sending demos to Walla while he was living north of the arctic circle in Norway. The duo adopted a ‘consistency is boring’ mantra with the new material.

After 2 million cumulative streams across major platforms, being in rotation on CBC Music, AAA Radio across the United States, and on Sirius XM’s The Loft; after playing hundreds of shows with the likes of Serena Ryder, Foy Vance, Said The Whale and Josh Garrels; and after splitting his time between Seattle, WA and the mountains of British Columbia and getting married, Edel is taking his music in particular and his life in general across a threshold, through an open door, and into the unknown.



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