Sure Sure “Idiot”

Sure Sure is making waves as they keep releasing cool and chill indie rock with a more mellow Sunday morning vibe.  I’ve been following this group since “Lie Lie Lie” and it is awesome to see them blossom and find a larger audience.  They’ve recently been selected to go on tour with Young the Giant on their next national tour.

“Ever since their 2016 single “New Biome” caught fire on Spotify, Sure Sure now has over 14 million total Spotify plays, reached #1 on the Hype Machine charts and gained praise from Grizzly Bear, Rostam of Vampire Weekend and other staples in the indie music community. Following their album release in January, the band also made their national television debut, performing on the ESPYs Red Carpet onESPN.”

So yeah maybe I’m a little late to catch the Sure Sure fanboy bus but I still think this is an excellent track by a band that shows promise for being able to continue to make great art and music.  The song “Idiot” it features a skillful distorted electric guitar hook that was the selling point for my ears, a lot of the production reminded me of if Fountains Of Wayne had discovered marijuana and become the Beatles.

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