Emilie Kahn “Island”, good morning!


Eerily relaxing and beautifully atmospheric, “Island” by Emilie Kahn.  The combination of synthesizers and harp playing compliments the subtly angst driven vocals of Emilie Kahn.  The video is a stunning compilation of the female form and the more occasional male.  This is a song for a moment of reflection where you rethink every action that has led to you at this moment right now.  “Island” lyrically makes me believe that a lot of other people feel like they need a restart in life.  The atmospheric production and engineerings of the song lulls the casual listener into a state of pure relaxation.  Check out way more about the artist and how you can keep in touch with them below.


Emilie Kahn, formerly known as Emilie & Ogden is thrilled to announce her sophomore full-length album, Outro ; a remorseful exit from youth, available everywhere February 22nd via Secret City Records. “Island” is the harpist and vocalist’s first video and single from the album.

The track is a daydream of letting everything go and disappearing off the grid. It’s the catharsis song Emilie wrote that ended up inspiring the entire record. “I think as women we are often made to feel like we should be in competition with each other, something I’ve always felt in the music industry; I wrote “Island” about that feeling of isolation that comes with worrying that you may never be special enough, explains Kahn, Marie-Soleil Denault, the director, and I decided to subvert that narrative and portray a vision of women finding refuge in solidarity instead.”





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