Shaun Jacobs “Rollin'” (Independent Pop Americana)


“Rollin'” is an exhilarating fun pop song that takes the listener on a bluesy trip.  The rhythmic choice is left of center but very familiar same with the vocal timbre.  The layers of vocalists enhances the listeners experience and keep the song filled to the brim with hooks.  Overall an awesome tune that deserves all the traction it is receiving.  Check out artist biography below.


Shaun Jacobs is an award winning artist from South Africa, and now based in Los Angeles. While in South Africa he recorded the breakout album Love Can and before that Paper Wings – albums on which he played every instrument and recorded, mixed and produced everything himself.

With several tracks topping the charts in South Africa, Shaun won a SAMA (South African Music Award) for album of the year, as well as being nominated for Best Producer and Best Engineer.

Shaun since moved to LA where he has been hard at work on new music.

He is releasing his debut single “Rollin” the day before his scheduled hit release produced by Bruno Martini and Timbaland “Youngr”

This song has received coverage on Billboard Magazine on 10/18/2018.

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