BUHU “Yew” (Independent Indie Electric)


Produced and Directed by Olivier Dalipagic at Oh Wow Pictures

Written and composed by Jeremy Rogers

“Yew” is a dreamy synth soaked love letter from BUHU frontman Jeremy Rogers to his beloved wife. “Yew” is the first single from BUHU’s debut studio album, Tenets, released worldwide September 5th, 2018, via Kitsuné Musique and FMF Records.


Tenets: principles, convictions, the core essentials. The first studio album from Austin synth pop duo BUHU is an excavation of sorts, as lead singer/producer Jeremy Rogers mines the seminal aspects and events of his life, stripping it all down and laying himself bare. It’s a risky effort; no scrims of hipster irony to hide behind here. Take it or leave it, Rogers seems to be saying throughout. Here I am, this is me. Something about the album calls to mind the scene in Spike Jonze’s Adaptation, when Donald Kaufman gently, profoundly rebukes his twin brother: “You are what you love, not what loves you.”

Love—and loss—are in abundance here. Two women play vastly different roles in what proves to be a cohesive narrative: the first, a new lover who’s shaken Rogers’ foundation and caused him to reflect, sometimes unfavorably, on the person he is or once was; the second, his late mother, who he lost at a tragically young age. These women are objects only in the sense that they’re objects of his affection and catalysts for self-reflection. His respect for each is palpable and complex. Tenets is, in essence, a love letter to them both.

We’re introduced first to his new love in the broodingly romantic single, “Yew.” The homonym in the title is more than just whimsy; it suggests something blossoming, taking root deep within him. The very first line is a mea culpa: I wanted more than I could take, living like a fool with nothing at stake. The mirror doesn’t always present the prettiest image, if we’re brave enough to really look. But redemption comes in the simple, direct refrain that follows: Then I found you. The song is reminiscent of Frank Ocean’s confessional masterpiece, Blonde, both emotionally and sonically, as the legato restraint of the synth-and-string arrangement sets a mood that’s sexy but centered: the polar opposite of a cheap roll in the hay.

Tenets was produced alongside Danny Reisch (Shearwater, Bayonne, Wye Oak) at Good Danny’s in Lockhart, TX, and mastered by Jeff Lipton (Andrew Bird, Bon Iver, Arcade Fire) at Peerless Mastering in Boston, MA. Tenets released September 5th, 2018, on FMF Records.

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