FIRST HOT LUNCH EVER The YeahTones “Control” (Position Music)

Angst driven and fiery “Control” lacks the poise or control you might be expecting and deviates towards thrashing punk.  “Control” by the YeahTones is a pump up song that doesn’t let itself be held back.  The vocals are animated and are sometimes a little pitchy but overall add to the chaotic nature of the release.  “Control” is what you might call a swagger bomb.  Check out attached artist biography below.

“The YeahTones frontman Jake Pinto, thinks about the bygone rock era a lot. The artwork for the lead single “Son of a Gun,” off the YeahTones’ new rock EP Lightning, is immediately nostalgic. Depicting the band washed in a retro, pebbled texture, a filter removing details of the musician’s faces. Like the YeahTone’s music, it feels gritty, energetic, mysterious, and psychedelic. The artwork could easily pass as a vinyl cover made in the late 60’s—and that’s intentional. Pinto spends a lot of his time studying rock music from that era. He says there is something about the recordings and quality of the records that speaks to him. He likes the “rawness” of how they sound and how they capture the distinct liveliness of the moment they were recorded in. When recording for The YeahTones, Pinto deliberately tried to use those recording techniques in order to capture his ideas in their purest forms. “I’m always trying to do distill truly raw emotion. I want the energy to be felt. We want it to be physical and exciting to listen to. We’ve always been intuitive in our creation.” The EP revolves around the lead single “Son of a Gun”— an exploration of the self-paranoia artists feel when they ask themselves whether they’re the real deal or just another pretender.

What started out as a quick riff hastily recorded into an iPhone, is now the standout single that sets the tone for the entire Lightning EP. “Right when we started recording I was like ‘oh yeah, I like this feeling.’” Jake recalls. “It was really hard and big. There was this idea of ‘are we the best? Or are we crap?’ and the excitement that comes from chasing that answer.” Pinto, Doug Berns (Bass), and Dillon Treacy (Drums) love to perform together. Pinto gets noticeably excited and passionate when speaking about what performing live means to him and his bandmates. In order to capture the vibe of their live performances in a studio environment, the EP was recorded without a click track and uses minimal overdubs. This results in a looseness and human feel that is becoming more rare in an era of perfectly gridded drum machines and music software.

The YeahTones’ version of rock music is perpetually swirling into new dimensions and ideas. While experimental and fresh, with plenty of effect pedals being used, Pinto also delivers clear vocals and memorable hooks to keep fellow rock fans engaged. With ear-pleasing chord progressions, deep basslines, and rabid drum fills, the music transports audiences to a sweaty room at their favorite underground rock club. With Lightning, The YeahTones will ignite the curiosities of rock fans, both old and new, and have proven that they’re definitely not pretenders.

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