“Best Believe” Royal Blush

“Best Believe” by Royal Blush is a badass rock track. I recently had the pleasure of witnessing the five-piece rock outfit perform at Arlenes Grocery. The powerful vocals and hard rock halftime jams with gorgeous melodies but distorted guitars are reminiscent of artists such as Flyleaf or Evanescence. The introspective lyrics are memorable as is the melody. If you want some hard-hitting rock and roll to kick off your almost weekend check out “Best Believe” by Royal Blush.


A raging mind and a call within, “Best Believe” is the fourth single from Jersey City’s Royal

Wielding shoegaze tone, powerhouse vocals, and contagious energy, Blush is a newly
established Indie-Rock band heating up west of the Hudson. Jersey City strays painting over the old ways.

Vocals – Allison Heckart (AL)
Guitar – Andrew Merclean
Guitar – Shane Furst
Bass – Edwin Garcia
Drums – Johnny Fried

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