“Away” by Ned Rowan

“Away” by Ned Rowan is a song that would’ve made Gordon Lightfoot proud as it sits nicely against “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”. “Away” is a song with a ton of magic to it within the organic and rustic production. I feel like I learned something while listening to this but also got the same enjoyment I would at a shanty fest. Were this song written a century or two ago someone might’ve played this on the concertina on a ship between songs like “Patty West” or “Wild Rover” though “Away” has more of a cinematic Disney-level production to it. Well done Ned.

Arist Quote

What if rock music were 300 years old? What if a 19th-century sailor wrote a song about life on a wooden ship? “Away” is a song with an adventure vibe, a driving beat, and a rollicking story. It’s like a song Sting might have written, Mark Knopfler might have played guitar on, and Bryan Adams might have sung. The video is a mix of new and old: cinematic HD clips of curling ocean waves, historic paintings and illustrations of sailing ships and antique maps, and engravings of eccentric figures from the early 1800s that have been brought to life through animation”

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