Happy hump day shout outs!

Listen to one or all of them! New music is good for the soul!

Patricia Atzur “Lost In All Translation” features lush arrangement and deep harmonic choices that keep the listener from feeling grounded but rather floating. The wandering bass line and gorgeous organ additions to the track are a nice accompaniment to a chique music video.

the Baker’s Basement “Something’s Brewing” is a fun pop rock track with dueling vocals and cool bluesy harmony, give it a spin!

KillKiyoshi “Rule the World”, sensual chorus laiden seventh chords and groovy dry drums make for a great listen with this track. Give it a spin!

“Follow-up” by Adam Shavin is an ambient and atmospheric track to just chill out too. Slow your life down a little with “Follow-up” by Adam Shavin and enjoy some tasty guitar riffs.

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