8 tunes to get you through the week

New music is good for your health, listen to one or listen to all of these ditties below!

“Obeah Man” by Mox is a sweet and organic track with gorgeous guitar harmonies and grungey songwriting with some incredibly dry and raw drums. If you’re looking for something raw and intimate give this a spin!

“The Water” by Logan Pilcher and Weston T Hine is a nice bridge between digital and organic songwriting with production techniques that remind me slightly of Coast Modern meets the Temper Trap. Only positive vibes with this track, if you need a mood boost give this a spin!

“Jealous Mistress” by Bees in a Bottle is a pop-rock track with a tinge of the indie country to it. This driving track is a middle finger to the ex that mistreated you. Groovy bass lines and a strong backing band make for a really enjoyable listen of “Jealous Mistress”. If you need something that isn’t Courtney Barnett or Kurt Vile but still gives off those raw vibes give this a spin!

“Funny How Relationships” AUTOM8theSKY is a fun production with driving lofi beats meets pop rock. The muffled drums are in juxtaposition with the driving acoustic and electric guitars. My favorite thing about this track is the vocal fry on the lead vocalists performance, it’s fucking sick. If you’re looking for something unique but based in classic rock sensibilities check out “Funny How Relationships”.

“Tiny Flashes” Instant Empire is a wall of vocals encaptured in some dark and brooding songwriting. The vocals are compelling and the lush arrangement is consistently ear-catching. Check out “Tiny Flashes” for some next-level indie rock.

“Drug Store” by Elron Gardy is a brooding psychedelic track and probably the darkest track on this list. The harmony is tense and the vocalist has a sort of mundane dullness to it that is eventually cast aside for lush and gorgeous harmonies at the 3:16 mark. Check this out for some great psych rock!

“Take Me Back – Live Version” by Water Tower is the most intimate and organic track. A bluegrass track with the word “hood” in it is some boundaries that I feel aren’t often crossed. I’ve always been impressed with the picking style of bluegrass and this is no different. If you’re trying to escape those demons check out “Take Me Back” by Water Tower.

“The Culprit” by Deer Fellow is a sweet cinematic track with a lovely use of the harmonic minor. The vocal performance is soft but not breathy, and the harmonies are sweet but not overbeating. Everything about “The Culprit” is lovely to have on. I get bookstore vibes and small coffee shops in small rural town vibes from this. If you’re looking for something wistfully wonderful check out this!

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