“Midnight Song” Yellow Shoots

“Midnight Song” by Yellow Shoots is an intimate and gorgeously harmonic piece of music thats rhythmic minimalism gives the song its own curious nature. The soft breathy falsettos give the song a youthful flare that a lot of the best indie music comes with. “Midnight Song” is the first single from his upcoming EP “Lighthouse”. If the rest of the EP is like this it’ll be one for rainy days and contemplation or the kerosene hours. What a wonderful track, looking forward to the EP!

Artist bio by Karas Lamb

“philadelphia-bred multi-instrumentalist and producer, yellow shoots (gregory matthews) is a musical polymath and alt-soul force informed by life and the chromatic sensory experience of synesthesia. specializing in a hybridized sound that melds r&b, rock, psychedelia and alternative soul, yellow shoots brings an invigorating presence to the stage that has been described as “uniquely dark and groovy.” leading with immense swagger as one of brooklyn’s most eclectic producer/songwriters, he lends the electricity coursing through his veins to a catalog of ambitious recordings guided by the beat of the heart on his sleeve. “

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