Stevie Zita, notbrian, Laura Lang, Meg Pfeiffer and Luca Stricagnoli

New music is good for the soul, check one out, check em’ all out!


“Judy Gnarland” by Stevie Zita is a dope lofi track with a hysterical name. The dreamy guitar tracks and the filtered vocal provides a level of comfort and familiarity to the song. The lyrics are about how California isn’t always you expected, or at least that’s what I hear, which turns into life isn’t always what you expect. “If you can make it here you can make it anywhere”, keep it up Stevie Zita!

“Death of a Salesman” by notbrian is a fast paced lo-fi track with punchy drums and some really unique cool whispered vocals. This spacey track is all about disillusionment as you can hear in the lines about “don’t call me your friend”. A great psychedelic track check it out!

“Goodbye / Biggest Fan” by Laura Lang, a super intimate track with an enchanting vocal performance. The reverb springs are audible in the electric guitar take which gives it a homely and roomy feeling that is comforting. This dreamy track is so lovely it’s really hard not to fall for Laura as she sings soothingly.

“Change the World” by Meg Pfeiffer and Luca Stricagnoli, a super uplifting with a stellar production quality to it. A very polished song with Disney vibes to it with how uplifting it is. Big Taylor Swift vibes on this, love the drumline use, this style has sync written all over it for something really heartfelt and feel good and family oriented. There are so many hooks from the background vocal lines to the larger than life choruses. I always love the shift in harmony in this song.

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