The Wistful Larks double feature, “Is What Obvious?” and “Welcome Stranger”

“Welcome Stranger” by The Wistful Larks is the title track off The Wistful Larks latest EP. There is a vibey darkness to the songwriting and the dynamics vary greatly throughout the track which keeps the listening experience suspenseful and exciting. The vibe I get from The Wistful Larks is a bit of a She Wants Revenge meets the Arctic Monkeys for a jam. Congratulations on the new EP The Wistful Larks!

“Is What Obvious” by The Wistful Larks is a great indie rock vibe that features a slow build and tight production. I get Arctic Monkey AM vibes from the moody production. The coolest part about the songwriting is how unpredictable it is with the explosive sections coming seemingly out of nowhere and the band dropping in and out. The singer has a theatrical timbre to their vocals which is unique and attention grabbing, check out “Is What Obvious” below!

Band Bio-

“Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, The Wistful Larks provide fresh indie rock with a vintage flavor. Packed with croony hypnotic vocals and warm melodic guitar tones, the band’s take on contemporary indie rock is similar to bands like The Killers and The Arctic Monkeys, while also incorporating retro flavors similar to bands like the Doors. The result is a dark, gossamer soundscape that is as unique as it is difficult to imitate.”

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