Saturday Jamz

It’s Saturday, a great day to discover new music. Pick a jam, pick em’ all and support indie artists!

“again” by shorikbeats and Reddish Green is such a groovy lo-fi track with a bit of a hip-hop influence to. Lovely use of seventh chord harmonies, such a chill slow day vibe to this one.

“BIGBLUEWORLD” TYNA is such a sweet and sentimental track, if you’re in the mood to fall in love try falling in love with “BIGBLUEWORLD” by TYNA. What an incredible voice this artist has.

“All I’ve Got to Say” Jake Hays is a super tight production that is a jam that will get you eyeing the dance floor, some really sick guitar licks in this one. I get Two Feet vibes in this track.

Pale Moon “Dopamine”, groovy track that is a nice combination of sentimental and sweet while maintaining a groovy driving beat. The vocalist does some really cool riffs towards the end of the track using the word “Dopamine” as a springboard.

Welshly Arms “Proud” is a massively cinematic piece with big energy to it. The vocalist is a pro at bouncing between chest and head voice. As far as I know this is the only signed band in this list as they’re with Position Music. They’ve been releasing great music forever so show them some love.

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