Jeremy Oliveria “Can’t Stop”

Super cool ambient lead guitar work is introduced over a pulsing bass groove. Jeremy Oliveria “Can’t Stop” is a soothing and driving indie rock track. Listening closely the lyrics are about not taking life for granted and taking every chance you get because you are not as invincible as you feel ever. The artist Jeremy Oliveria has nice raspy vocal timbre that I found very compelling. You should definitely check out “Can Stop” by Jeremy Oliveria below!

Sits nicely between; The War on Drugs, Ryan Adams and Young the Giant.

artist quote “In November 2019 I had just started working on a new album when my drummer got in a car wreck that took his life. This song was written a couple months after the accident as I was processing losing a close friend. It’s about me beginning to come to terms with my own mortality. As Covid hit this song rang even more true for me.”

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