Tallbird debut Lost Pet Poster Template

Brooklyn indie pop darlings debuted their first ever full-length record yesterday. Lost Pet Poster Template by Tallbird is an eleven song, thirty-seven-minute work of sheer, sonic delight. This record is for any listener who has a taste for an eclectic blend of lo-fi bedroom pop tracks, such as “Feels Like Giving Up”, to full on pop rock, such as “Not At All”. Below, you’ll find a short and sweet track by track of the album, as well as links to stream Lost Pet Poster Template in full.

1. “Don’t Push It” sets the pace for the whole record with its quirky brass samples and ascension in tension harmonic progressions. Lyrically, “Don’t Push It” also sets the tone for this release with lyrics that I personally took as a reflection on the importance of being kind and taking care of your mental health. Erica’s vocals are sweet and sentimental, and come off as a kind-hearted onlooker to someone struggling.

2. “Not at All” was a stand-out track for me, as it’s one of the more rock-based tracks. Though still featuring quirky brass samples, it leans a little more heavily on Erica’s background vocals to add the background hooks while the full presentation goes. The jangly guitars feature a lot of suspended guitars as a layer of distorted guitars create a percussive effect that keeps the listener feeling the sense of urgency that was set by the tempo. Overall, one of the stand out tracks, but in a throwback kind of way.

3. “Battery” was one of the singles leading up to the release, and the only track mixed by Gumdrop Records’ very own Ryan Melone. Originally slated to be one of the first tracks on the record, the brass instrumentation takes an edgy and driving sonic change from the previous songs’ quirky and carefree style.

4. “Growing Up” hits right in the feels. This one is particularly tough for me to write about right now, as I am reminded of a young girl I know that lost her mother at seven years old this year. Even without the immediate connection, the chorus “Growing up without you” just cuts way too deep, man. The child choir shouting accompaniment, as well as the percussion and chopped and screwed vocals, make this song bouncy and fun, but there are some dark vibes to “Growing Up”. Given the strong emotions this conjures in myself, I have to imagine it would have a similar effect on most everyone and would highly recommend this track.

5. “Summer Dogs” is more carefree, and a nice change from the previous track. “Summer Dogs” is like a cappuccino or iced coffee to go with your pup heading to the park to be around all the other dogs. This one reminds me of walking around Brooklyn Heights and seeing all the happy yuppies walking their pooches. “Summer Dogs” is a pure dog utopian track that will make you giddy and goofy.

6. “Know You” is the first real dose of lo-fi bedroom pop that the record gives you. Ambient synths plus some filtered and delayed vocals over a hip-hop drum track. “Know You” is a chill-hop track on an indie pop-rock album, and hopefully will help branch Tallbird out into some new listeners! I love “Know You” and so will you.

7. “Ready or Not” is as close to hardcore as the album comes with a thrashing drum arrangement and heavily distorted guitars. You’d almost think it was a Warped Tour bop, but for the signature synth and horn work done by Tallbird.

8. “You Don’t Get a Say” is one of those tracks you have to love because it hits the chorus by the thirty second mark, which is also when the track really expands to fill the full sonic landscape. Angsty and angry lyrics come off as a child expressing anger over a lost pet, but can also be tied to the times and more universal concepts. I guess it depends on what lines you cherry pick for your personality.

9. “Rabbit” is a more lo-fi bedroom pop vibe that is something I’d put on in the background if I were trying to study. “Rabbit” really reminds me of college vibes on a Saturday morning; waking up with sleepy eyes and in need of coffee. “Rabbit” is a special kind of indie track that really sticks with you long after the album is over.

10. “Lost Pet Poster Template” is an exciting track that features pop-punk palm mutes, but with the signature horn and synth parts, as well as a catchy key change. It adds this level of educated musicality that elevates it above most of what tends to be simplistic pop-punk. Layers of sustained background vocals are also something that might get overlooked in the arrangement of “Lost Pet Poster Template”, the title track, but really add to the polished studio sound. “Lost Pet Poster Template” has a driving and uplifting feel that makes it sound like a parade.

11. “Feels Like Giving Up” is the closer as the tempo winds down and the lo-fi bedroom production finishes up the very awesome record Lost Pet Poster Template. “Feels Like Giving Up” draws melodic motifs and lyrics from the whole record and is definitely a song that captures the highs and lows very well. Be sure to stream this record on repeat for all the best feels.

Full album on YouTube below!

Written by Ian McFarland edited by Nichole Currier

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